Bradley Smith delivered the highest ROI (Return On Intelligence) of any marketing officer PR Newswire ever hired. The quality and quantity of work he creates – ranging from macro strategic messaging to the micro-level of his industry-leading blog to the complete rebranding of our compliance services division is overwhelming. Inventive and relentless, Bradley has a creative mind underpinned by drive and resourcefulness. Simply put, he gets things done.

Since his joining PR Newswire, he aligned marketing with sales, resulting in a 42% CGR for our Vintage division. He is the consummate content marketer, has an in-depth knowledge of demand generation and, wonderfully, is a ton of fun to work aside.

Sarah Skerik


Vice President, Strategic Communications
PR Newswire

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Proven, well respected Chief Marketing Officer. Serious heavy lifter. Refreshingly transparent motives and methods. Not so photogenic.
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