Bradley Smith and I have been corporate business partners on several occasions in our industry. I can state unequivocally that working with Bradley is always a personal pleasure and commercial success. One project was honored with a Fast Company magazine “Champion of Innovation” award and our current project generated revenue in its very first month and continues to escalate exponentially.

His marketing is brilliant and most importantly, he executes on his strategies. In our industry, Bradley is known for his creativeness, effectiveness, and many memorable campaigns. He is one of the most widely known and most trusted corporate services executives in investor relations.

John Viglotti

VP, Investor Relations Products and Services
PR Newswire//MultiVu 

Former Managing Director
Computershare/Georgeson Shareholder Analytics

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Proven, well respected Chief Marketing Officer. Serious heavy lifter. Refreshingly transparent motives and methods. Not so photogenic.
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